Family Cruise to the Caribbean, using the Jadd Fong Travel Company.

John at JADD FONG TRAVEL is the best Travel Specialist I have ever used for my travel arrangements.  In June 2011 my extended family and I used John from JADD Fong Travel to book a Seven-day Cruise to the Southern Caribbean.  We were a large group of 12, including adults, teenagers, and a four year old.  Added to that mix is the fact that for most of us this was our first time going on a Cruise.  Needless to say with a group that large, of varying ages, and with different needs, we knew it would take an exceptional Travel Agent to make this a successful vacation.  Let me just say, John surpassed our every  expectation!  He went above and beyond the extra mile.  From the very beginning he remained in constant contact with us. For the experienced travelers in the group, he reminded them of such basics as making sure that their passports were valid, and for the first time travelers, he literally helped them complete their paperwork.  Wow!  I was blown away by his attentiveness to every detail, just to ensure that each and every one of us would have a fantastic trip.  He informed us of what to expect when we boarded the ship, the best time to board, even gave us suggestions on how to prepare our luggage tags, so that they would not be torn away from our luggage.  For the financial part, he explained the different methods of setting up a spending plan, how the 'Tipping' system worked on the cruise ship. He also referred us to the ship's website where they published the dates and times of the Shore Excursions and the cost.  That was particularly helpful, because of the different age groups, we did not all want to do the same things.  Best of all, we were able to plan ahead and budget our finances to participate and make the most of all the activities the ship had to offer. Each and every family member, including myself, had a FANTASTIC time.  From now on, John is definitely going to be the ONLY Agent we are going to use for all our travel needs, and not only for cruises, but for Flights also.  I highly recommend Jadd Fong Travel to all those going on a Cruise for the first time, and to the experienced traveler going on the 10th cruise. Because this cruise was such a memorable event for all of us, we are planning another cruise next year, with an even bigger group of family members, and we have already contacted John at Jadd Fong Travel.  We give John and Jadd Fong Travel an Five-Star rating for their outstanding service

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23 Dec 2015

By Ann V